Our New Partnership

Costa reflects on our journey to partnering with Rotary:

As part of developing our organisation’s sustainability, ACN works closely with other incredible organisations. Recently, I have formed a partnership with Rotary. When I discovered that Rotary shares a lot of the same values as ACN and has a large global network with great capacity for fundraising, I started attending weekly meetings every Thursday since July 2016. In mid-October, I was recognised as a member.

I am very impressed by what, how and why they do all the things they do and I’m excited to announce that ACN is working on developing a stronger relationship with Rotary. They really love humanity – a trait that I really value in an organisation. They have accepted me, not on face value, but by listening to what I have to say and understanding what drives me.

As time went on, they asked me to present my story and that of ACN, which I did on February 11, 2017 and they have since asked us to present a project proposal they can support. Whichever project we decide on should become a partnership project between Rotary Club Mbuji-Mayi and ACN Mbuji-Mayi. I have now started working with Jean Calvin to contact Rotary in Congo to begin making progress, and our Project’s Director, Cassandra, will be assisting with project development.

We have a lot to learn from the Rotary Club, and I’m looking forward to see where this new relationship takes us. There is potential to work with Rotary and partner with other amazing organisations and I believe that if we all work together, the future is very bright.

Community Development and AusCongo

AusCongo Network is founded on the principles of Community Development. Our founder, Costa, strongly believes the proverb, “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”.

Motivated by this proverb, Costa and the AusCongo team, follow a community development model when starting and completing any project. We prefer not to presume what Mbuji-Mayi community needs, but have our team there investigate for us. This team, lead by Jean Calvin, interact with the community members and research what the community needs and what the potential cost may involve. This research is then sent to us in Brisbane, Australia, where our Projects Team develops a proposal and seeks funding – often through our partner organisation, WRA.

When our proposal is approved, the funding is sent straight to Jean Calvin who manages the budget and reports back to us with continual progress and an evaluation of the final project.

Keep your eyes peeled for more projects information coming soon!