Costa’s story


Husband. Father. Pastor. Leader. The President of the AusCongo Network, Constantin “Costa” Bengankuna Mukendi is the man with the amazing dream of building the social and economic wealth of the Congolese people. Whether his people are in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Brisbane or indeed the world, Costa dreams of helping them build better lives.

In 1993, Costa fled a bloody civil war in Congo. He spent the next eleven years in a refugee camp in Zambia, studying, assisiting his fellow refugees and helping his wife and children escape his war-ravaged homeland.

In 2003, he applied to the United Nations High Commission for Refugees for himself and his family to be re-settled in Australia. A year later they found a home in Brisbane and Costa began working for the Congolese community in Queensland, many of whom live in Logan City.

Since then, Costa has become a strong and active leader amongst his new community, founding two not-for-profit groups: the New Life Community Baptist Church and the AusCongo Network Inc. Through these organisations, Costa has worked tirelessly to assist other Congolese individuals and families settle into Logan and across South East Queensland as well as helping other Australians to learn and celebrate the vibrant culture of the people of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Costa is a pastor of New Life Community Church and, with the support of the Kenmore Baptist Church, Annerley Baptist Church and Forest Lake Baptist Church, is registered as a pastor in the Baptist Union of Queensland.

Costa loves serving the Congolese people through church and the AusCongo Network and has a passion for serving all the Congolese, especially those new to the country.