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Give a helping hand for poor people

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This year, we were able to run a capacity building project with our Mbuji-Mayi community

The capacity building project incorporated improvements to the AusCongo Community Centre in Mbuji-Mayi. Improvements to the facilities including the purchase and installation of a generator, new laptop and an Internet connection were made. Unfortunately, due to a lack of on-going funding, we were unable to retain the Internet connection long term. We are hopeful however, that we will be able to run projects soon that will help the local community become self-sufficient enough that the Community Centre will be able to support itself and the staff without us sending money each month. Stay tuned for updates!


This project also included monitoring of our micro-finance program which is still running successfully, with loans of up to $100 being repaid regularly. We are very proud of our micro-finance program and what we have been able to help the local community achieve. We are continuing to run programs in the community centre that educate community members on how to become more self-sufficient.

We are also happy to report that our programs are helping children through school, with their parents now able to afford school fees through various ACN projects.

Would you like to help AusCongo Network? We’re always looking for new volunteers to help the Network produce valuable projects. If you’re interested, please email