Help Where It’s Needed Most

Reach out a helping hand to those who need it most.

WRA Emergency Fund

Quick deployment & response to the immediate humanitarian needs of natural disaster victims.

1320 SC Vocational Training

Empowering marginalised and disadvantaged youth in Egypt to achieve quality of life.

1435 VOL New School Construction

Building schools to grow a generation of leaders

1437 Community H2O

Clean water aiding communities to reach their full potential for education, employment and longevity

1514 SC Community Education

Providing early education to the children of Egypt’s garbage slums

1519 Harvest Ministries

Empowering impoverished Indian communities to enjoy quality of life and a future of hope

1603 Keeping Girls In School

Reducing barriers which stand in the way of girls finishing their schooling

1606 QCCT Child Wellbeing Zimbabwe

Investing into educational and vocational opportunities for the children and families of Zimbabwe.

1609 WPDC Water West Papua

Improved livelihoods through the provision of clean drinking water in West Papua

1617 Agents Of Mercy

Putting a roof over the heads of some of the world’s most disadvantaged.

1622 Literacy in Bloom

Implanting literacy and growing a library from the ground up

1635 Kopernik Innovation Lab for Poverty Reduction

Advancing effective solutions to reduce poverty

1718 WRA Breaking The Hunger Cycle

Sustainable food security solutions for the world’s hungry

1718 Food Gardens – response to COVID-19

Families in need equipped to grow food

1720 SIEP Nurse Education SI

Improved health outcomes throughout the Solomon Islands via Nurse Training

1723 VOGA Bright Lights

Opportunities for at-risk children in the Philippines through education, life skills and vocational up-skilling

1802 VOL Educational Assistance Program

Providing futures filled with promise through education

1807 Friends of Nias Medical

Provision of much-needed medical services in Lagundri Bay, Nias, Indonesia

1808 Light of Hope

Empowering at-risk children and their families through educational initiatives in rural Cambodia.

1809 Adventist Rescued Children’s Care

Orphaned, abandoned, abused and destitute children in Thailand reaching their fullest potential

1811 Shining Jewels Philippines

Building a brighter future for impoverished children in the Philippines

1816 Share, Teach & Reach

Renewed hope through education for Badjao sea-gypsies of the Philippines  

1902 Manyatta Development

Expanding life opportunities and wellbeing of impoverished Kenyans in the Manyatta community

1906 ECHO Kandana Development

Empowering schools and communities to develop sustainable positive outcomes in Sri Lanka

1909 Shining Jewels Sustainable Farm

Sustainable food production empowering young people

2004 HOJ Community Development

Empowering and blessing the children and families of Idudi community through education and nutrition

2010 Health Clinics International Primary Health Uganda

Help us to provide primary health care to those who need it in rural Uganda

2015 Kopernik COVID-19 Response

Supporting Balinese communities affected by COVID-19, focussing on slowing the spread, protecting medical personnel and livelihood support.

2017 VINE Capacity Building SI

Improving educational outcomes by upgrading infrastructure at Solomon Island primary and secondary schools

2018 Sustainable Community Employment

Sustainable tree planting and protection systems using communities around Indonesian conservation areas

2019 WRA Indonesian E-Learning

Empowering last mile communities in Indonesia via access to quality e-learning

2102 VINE Common Fund

Support for priority projects and programs to ensure effective development and sustainable outcomes

2208 CGF Education Liberia

Educating impoverished children and their families in Gardnersville, Liberia, with lifesaving skills